About Us


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The mission of the Alumni Association of the Morris County Recovery Court is to provide lifelong support to the participants and graduates of the Morris County Superior Court Recovery program as they meet the many challenges of recovery.

Who We Are


The AAMCDC is an all-volunteer organization. Our staff and volunteer force include achievers from both the public and private sectors.

There is a critical need for Recovery Court participants and graduates to stay connected to the recovery community and continue to foster positive relationships. The Alumni Association allows its members to maintain a connection to the Recovery Court program.

History of AAMCDC

The mission of the Recovery Court is to help defendants overcome alcohol and drug dependencies while resolving related criminal charges. Recovery courts employ a unique team approach, where the court collaborates with drug treatment professionals and other community support to assist defendants in their recovery. The Morris/Sussex Drug Court vicinage became operational in 2002. In 2008 a Morris County Drug Court participant asked a very poignant question on the eve of graduation: “What happens after Drug Court? I feel like I’m going to fall off a cliff!” In response to the void left by the absence of Drug Court supervision, the Alumni Association of the Morris County Recovery Court (AAMCDC) was founded, one of the first in the State of New Jersey. The AAMCDC is a 501(c)3 organization.

Executive Board of Directors


The Alumni Association of the Morris County Recovery Court (AAMCDC) takes its responsibility to the Recovery Court Program and its participants seriously and works hard every year to provide support. See all our yearly accomplishments here.