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The mission of the Alumni Association of the Morris County Recovery Court is to provide lifelong support to the participants and graduates of the Morris County Superior Court Recovery program as they meet the many challenges of recovery.

Monthly Meetings

Time for recovery monthly meetings

The AAMCDC holds monthly meetings for participants and graduates of the Recovery Court. Those who are in Phase 4 of Recovery Court are mandated by the Recovery Court judge to attend, while all other participants are encouraged to attend. Speakers who can address the concerns of the participants and alumni are invited to present to the group. For example, mental health experts have made presentations, as have public defenders and prosecutors who can address the Expungement Process, allowing certain offenses to be wiped from an offender’s record. This can be a crucial step for those in recovery to start rebuilding their lives.

Accountability Panel

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The primary goal of the Accountability Panel is to improve the treatment outcomes for Recovery Court participants who are having difficulty maintaining Recovery Court requirements. Participants are ordered by the Recovery Court judge to appear before the panel, which consists of two to four Recovery Court graduates who are in recovery and regularly attend Alumni meetings. The panel listens to the problem that the participants are having and shares with them what strategies worked for them when they were in Recovery Court. Written recommendations are submitted to the Recovery Court team.

Creative Positive Expression Program


Writing and Art Assignments

Participants are assigned projects in creative writing and visual arts. This multi-dimensional program of expression, including writing, poetry, and art, allows the participants an opportunity to tap into new avenues of expression.

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In Our Shoes Magazine

The purpose of the Alumni Association of the Morris County Recovery Court magazine, In Our Shoes, is to give voice to people in recovery from substance use disorder. The writing and artwork in the magazine validate the recoveries of program participants. The excerpts and the original artwork, which are gleaned from the Writing and Art Assignments described above, also allow Recovery Court participants to reach out to the community and show that people overcoming addiction do become contributing members of society.

jail-cell-picture for school talks

Jail Cell Presentation

This is a substance abuse prevention program that can be brought to any local school or community organization. Each presentation includes a full-size floor plan of a generic 8’ x 10’ jail cell, in full view of the audience. 

Through audience participation, the jail cell creates the space for individuals to experience the physical and emotional experiences of being incarcerated. Speakers consist of Recovery Court participants, Drug Court alumni, treatment providers, and volunteers.  Each presentation is specifically tailored to its audience; elementary, middle school, high school, or community organizations, as well as government entities and parents/caregivers.

The program allows the audience to interact with and hear the stories of those who have been incarcerated for drug-related offenses. The goal is to educate the audience about substance abuse and its consequences and help them avoid becoming addicted. 

Community Events

alumni picnik bbq by charles

The Alumni Association also sponsors a yearly Picnic, which includes a softball tournament, and a Barbecue cook-off. A Career Fair and a Health Fair are also held, as well as a Holiday Party.  

Educational Assistance

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Help is available to those who are interested in applying for financial aid to further their education. Assistance with filling out the necessary forms is provided. 

In-Kind Assistance

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Thanks to the generosity of the community, we have been able to donate food, apparel, and phones to participants and graduates in need.

Use Amazon Smile to donate to AAMCDC

Financial Assistance

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Investors Bank continues to be a strong supporter of the AMCDC through its grant process. In early 2021, the bank funded Project Nourish, an AAMCDC initiative, which provides food-only gift certificates and other life-affirming necessities for Recovery Court graduates and current participants who are unemployed or furloughed due to the COVID-19 crisis.